Bespoke printed tissue paper

Printing on tissue paper? Yes! Panda Press unveils new service…

When you buy a gift for a partner, colleague, or friend, you often get asked ‘would you like it gift wrapped?’ The answer is always yes. Why? Because the sales assistant can make it look a darn sight better than you can. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing more enticing than a beautifully wrapped present.

We’re all guilty of loving a spot of luxury. Who doesn’t like to feel treated or pampered from time to time? Paying close attention to the smaller details can result in high levels of customer satisfaction. And high levels of customer satisfaction can translate into repeat custom. So, if you’re thinking, well it’s just printed tissue paper – wrong! Taking care of the finer details simply shows your customers that you care and aim to provide a high-quality product and service. And nobody could ask for more than that!

When you think about it, there’s no better way to make your brand look enticing than by packaging it beautifully. Long gone are the day where your job ended at the point of sale. That precious moment when a consumer opens their purchase or gift is the perfect time to maximise your brand identity.

In that moment, your client is just that. Yours. Eagerly awaiting to uncover the goods within. Think back to birthdays or Christmas. What was the best part of the day? For us, it was (and still is!) unwrapping presents. Even now we still feel excited at the sight of a beautifully wrapped gift.

Your products display love, affection, and value

Wine. Jewellery. Chocolates. Watches. Clothing. Ceramics. Spirits. Items often purchased as gifts for a special occasion which have been carefully and thoughtfully selected with the recipient in mind. They are bought to display love, affection, and value. And how a gift is packaged is essential for increasing its perceived value.

You can’t put a price on packaging (well you can, but you know what we mean!). How an item is wrapped determines how you look after it. Beautiful bags, tissue paper or wrapping paper are often kept as reminders of valuable gifts that have sentimental value. By using bespoke printed tissue paper, you subconsciously tell your customers that your products are exclusive, delicate, and made with care. By sharing your love for your product and presenting it as such, this is reflected in your customer’s treatment of the item.

We print onto luxurious, acid-free tissue in up to 70 colours to ensure that your brand stays in the mind of your consumer long after they’ve received your product.

But that’s not all. As endangered animals, we care about the environment. Which is why we only use tissue from sustainable sources which meet our high ethical and quality standards.

To speak to our team about your bespoke printed tissue paper needs, call 01785 815110 or request a quote online and we will get back to you as soon as we can.