Take a look at our video guides to printing

Printing made easy

Take a look at our new step-by-step guide to the printing process

Here at Panda Press, we’re used to dealing with a lot of questions (surprise, surprise) about print.

To anyone who hasn’t got a commercial printing background, it can seem like a bit of a mystery.

Many people, for example, think it’s a simple matter of pressing a button. After all, home and office printers are as technologically advanced as they’ve ever been, aren’t they?

So just what is the difference between a desktop print-out and a commercially produced printed product?

The answer is, quite a lot – especially if you want to achieve professionally finished, high-quality marketing materials that really deliver the wow factor.

With this in mind, and to answer some commonly asked questions about printing, we’ve put together a series of videos explaining the whole process from start to finish.

Viewers can take a behind-the-scenes look at how our artwork and proofs are put together, along with a peek at how printing plates, paper and inks are prepared. You can also watch our state-of-the-art press in action as it takes on a large print run (with great results, we might add).

Our step-by-step guide is now available to watch on YouTube and we’ve had some great feedback already.

Of course, if any of our clients have any questions about any aspect of printing, we’re always happy to help over the phone or via email too. If you would like us to help on your next design and print project, call us now on 01785 815110.