Paul Boag's Printed UX playing cards

Printed playing cards for Boag Works

Paul Boag is a user experience strategist, author and speaker. For more than 20 years, he has worked with businesses and not-for-profit organisations to help them adapt to the needs of a more digitally aware audience by becoming more user-centric.

Panda Press produced 50 packs of bespoke playing cards for Paul. Each pack contained 52 cards, with a different tip or information on topics such as SEO guidelines and blogging on each card. They will be used as a tool to sell Paul’s services on his two websites, and

Paul Boag's Printed UX playing cards

Paul Boag’s Printed UX playing cards


The Project


Recently, I wrote a book called User Experience Revolution which encourages business owners to place greater focus on a user’s needs and the experience they wish to get out of working with a company. I wanted to create informative cards that would sit alongside the book, but that were also practical for clients to pick up and learn a concept or tip.

I needed a printing company that were happy to produce high-quality work for a short run, would offer support throughout the process and were happy to share their knowledge and expertise. I’ll hold my hands up and say that as a digital designer, I’m rubbish when it comes to print!


We’re really pleased that Paul got to experience the Panda Difference firsthand – and we think his cards look great!

Laurence Tunnicliffe – Panda Press MD


How Panda Press helped


Panda Press provided support from concept to fulfilment by emailing me advice and links so that I could learn about suitable resolutions and print-ready files. They talked me through how I needed to deliver the artwork; covering bleeding, cropping and die-cutting. My emails were responded to quickly and the team never made me feel stupid. Often, when you go into a business and you don’t understand what they’re talking about, you get an exasperated sigh followed by an eyeroll. This couldn’t have been further removed from my experience working with Panda Press.

The team also seemed more committed to creating a fantastic product than their own end goals. Although they could have corrected my files themselves, instead they spent time teaching me the basics so that I could do it for myself. This was just one of several ways they saved me money. They also sent free printed proofs and even searched long and hard in the storeroom to find a suitable cutter, rather than ordering a new one and adding the cost to my fee.

Laurence and the team were incredibly flexible and helpful; they bent over backwards and nothing seemed too much trouble. A perfect example of this involved the lamination of the cards. When Laurence asked if I wanted them laminating, I was unsure of how it would look and decided to decline. Obviously, Laurence knew better than I did, so instead he laminated them for free. I’m incredibly grateful to the team for going that extra mile – and they were right. The cards look so much better than they would have done if the team had simply followed my original brief.


Paul Boag's Printed UX playing cards

Paul Boag’s Printed UX playing cards

Printing companies are a dime-a-dozen. High-quality printing companies are not. The cards that Panda Press produced for me were of an incredibly high standard.

Too many companies have become commoditised now, so to come across a business that offers different services alongside a very high level of customer service was fantastic. I help my clients to improve their customer service so this is certainly something that I look for – and appreciate – in my suppliers. Not only would I recommend Panda Press to other businesses, I’m already looking forward to working with them again.

“Laurence and the team were so flexible and helpful; they bent over backwards for me and nothing seemed too much trouble”

Paul Boag – Boag Works