Print Is Not Dead!

Over the last few years digital marketing has hit an all time high, it is constantly being incorporated into our daily lives from facebook ad’s to spam email’s, this means that of course there has been a decrease in printed marketing, but that does not mean that print is dead! Instead we have had to come up with ways that we can make the two compliment each other, and when standing alone, to give you the personal experience that digital marketing can sometimes fail to do.

Print offers an experience for the senses that the web can’t match. You can smell the ink and feel the paper, not to mention the visual creativeness that you don’t often get with a five second youtube ad! Just like digital, print is an opportunity to create an experience for audiences. Creative use of folds, inks and die cuts are just a few ways to stand out from the crowd. Print design also stands without technology.

There’s always something you really need to do on your phone when you don’t have a signal. And we all have those times when we want to unplug, turn off the computer, tablet and phone, preferring to engage with print material or an actual person rather than an automated, pre-programmed robot. Not to mention digital’s negative environmental impacts, such as those from producing and disposing of electronic devices, which are often overlooked. Print has a one-time carbon footprint, while digital media requires energy each time it’s viewed. Printed material is also more easily recycled and less toxic than electronic devices. Although both print and digital need to become more sustainable in the long run!

In a world full of digital fatigue and ever increasing screen time, printed marketing materials allow you to communicate directly with clients, prospects or employees in a tangible way. When you combine the power of print and digital marketing you can get it in front of your consumer multiple times. No single marketing channel ensures success, so use the best of both worlds to reach your target audience!