Is 2018 the time to look at your marketing?

Make a stand against the January blues…

Make a stand against the January blues…

The winter months of January and February can be a little bleak in the eyes of many, what with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), the ‘cold turkey’ lull that follows Christmas, annual bills to pay … and this year there’s the awful Aussie Flu to contend with!

Our Pandas remain positive and see the New Year as a fresh opportunity full of challenges to ‘chew over the bamboo’. We’re usually bouncing around in the office or print room at this time of year although some may say that has something to do with the colder whether and the need to keep warm … but we’re energetic nonetheless.

How ‘on track’ are you for 2018?

Superior marketing materials and brand consistent stationery work. We don’t need to tell you this, but have you considered the full potential of a personalised printed campaign or joined up online/offline promotion?

Could printed marketing literature be your saviour?

Twenty-first century business is tough and sometimes you need a little support to stand out against the confusion of the digital world. Print has seen a recent renaissance and 2018 is looking positive so we wanted to share the latest trends to gee up your ideas.

Quality is everything

Think about a normal day. Everywhere you turn you’re bombarded with 1000s of marketing messages – television and radio adverts, letters in the mail, offers on the food menu, upsells at the garage or the latest fashion must-haves reeling you into your favourite store. Just how many of these messages do you really retain? Not many, that’s for sure.

Being different has never been more important in a world of flaky messages and fake news. Quality and credibility has to be a prerequisite in your marketing.

Bold imagery, careful consideration of colour and a simple, meaningful message will be critical throughout 2018. Customers no longer have the attention span for cryptic meanings and abstract imagery so think about how you can illustrate a memorable difference with textured papers, laminated finishes and metallic foiling.

Share your reality and spread the love

Build a strong personality and level of transparency into your business – customers connect for their reasons. People still buy from people or because they are able to unite with the story behind a company or the ‘why’ of a brand. Work on your storytelling for 2018 and nurture customer loyalty. Spend extra time personalising your marketing message to reach customers on an individual level – post a thank you note or tailor communications that say ‘I understand what you want.’

Virtual and physical worlds are allies

Typically, when we work with a new client there’s often a disconnect between online and offline marketing. It should never be about ‘them and us’. Printed materials and how your business is presented in the online space should interconnect and work together for the benefit of your business.

Printed brochures and leaflets displaying QR codes lead to richer information online and more cost-effective printing. Social media links and hashtags encourage virtual conversations, ‘social proof’ and shareability but they are also a quantifiable way to build a qualified email database through online visitors requesting a quote or brochure, or a viable way to drive more footfall to your premises with redeemable printed vouchers.

Trust in the Panda Difference – we’re here for you

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