How important are printed materials for an estate agent?

It might not be at the forefront of an estate agent’s mind, but getting it right when it comes to printed materials can go a long way in the ‘marketing’ law of attraction.

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful events in a lifetime, so as an estate agent you’ll know just how hypersensitive customers can be. That said, part of the ongoing business goals of any property organisation or developer is to attract new customers, nurture existing relationships, and provide a service that can easily be recommended to others.


The estate agent client

Think about your customer’s routine in the lead up to their decision to market their home, or to purchase a new one, through your estate agency. Of course the internet plays a big part in the discovery and learning stages but not everything takes place online.

Creating the right impression on the high street and showcasing your competitive advantage is key. Sometimes it’s the little things that really make a difference, such as a personalised tour or an after-hours phone call.


Adding an extension to personal service

There will still be a need for letterheads when printing sale, purchase, and letting agreements and the accompanying compliment slips.

Let’s not forget the business cards or corporate brochures that it makes good business sense to leave with sellers after carrying out a photography shoot of the house or commercial property.

You may even have individual staff members who generate new business from attending referral marketing meetings, networking events and local Chamber of Commerce or community/business events.

But think of the bigger picture. How would potential customers perceive the estate agent on the high street with classy signage on the outer building? Better still, signage that lights up at night and is visible by all that pass by. This estate agent is meant to stand out.

Printed window stickers and vinyl graphics carry company slogans and branded imagery to reinforce key messages. Contra Vision® material enables staff to see out of the windows and glass doors but instead, the onlooker will see their perfect home-to-be with great interior visuals – posing a great opportunity to catch the eye.

Inside the estate agent’s showroom, printed posters offer a great way to showcase customer testimonials and pull-up banner stands promote key messages and the benefits of dealing with your company.


Online or offline marketing channels

Many customers are happy to view property images and particulars online – and the internet is a great low-cost platform to highlight the benefits of a home or commercial premises with a virtual tour video, or personal commentary.

However, some customers will prefer ‘old school’ methods and wish to have a tangible print out of the property specification, so be prepared to meet the needs of all customers. If you need to post information pre, during or post sale, a branded envelope is a great way to ensure the contents are credible while also catching the eye of a few more potential customers on its journey.

Once you are starting to make a real impact with your estate agent brand, it is worth planning exactly what printed materials and online marketing channels to use on an annual basis.


Dale and Collins Estate Agents

When Dale and Collins Estate Agents managing director, Jackie Collins, was looking to restructure company finances and streamline preferred suppliers, she contacted Hannah from Panda Press.

Mutual acquaintances already, Jackie approached Hannah with a brief to provide printing and design quotations for new and ongoing printed materials.

Jackie said: “We always need letterheads and additional stationery but we were looking for an improved service to make things easier.

With extremely competitive printing costs, Panda Press advised the estate agents on artistic/media assistance to support the development of their brand.

“Panda’s design department is so innovative, efficient, reliable and perceptive,” explained Jackie.

“It’s enabled us to have more control, flexibility and professionalism over how we present the company brand in the local area.

“Rather than use an out-of-area marketing company, that are often over-priced and less efficient on production, Panda quickly understood our needs.”


Trust in the Panda Difference – we’re here for you

Planning printed materials that shout out quality and industry knowledge is critical when impressing a prospect buyer or seller.

Dale and Collins have benefited from building a trusted relationship with Panda Press and every new printed project required is having an overhaul by the team.

Sharing new ideas and discussing objectives and approaches has been invaluable.

Jackie added: “Panda Press have met our needs and exceeded them at every opportunity.

“The reliability aspect should NOT be under-rated as this really helps me to stay on track with my personal organisation and time-management, which I am very grateful for.”


To understand how the team at Panda Press can add real value to printed materials required by an estate agent, please call 01785 815110, we’d be happy to help.