Between January and December, Panda Press has created 205.46 m² of woodland

Here’s why we’re proud to support the Woodland Trust

Eco printing

Woodland trust carbon logo for panda pressTHERE’S no getting around the fact that businesses consume resources. We use electricity for lighting, computers and machinery. We put fuel in our cars, vans and lorries when we need to go to meetings and make deliveries.

As a printing and design company, we are particularly conscious that we also use (and no surprises here) rather a lot of paper. In our line of work, it’s just what we do.

Still, we’re not entirely comfortable with just shrugging our shoulders and saying to ourselves that it’s a necessary evil.

That’s why we signed up to the Woodland Carbon for business scheme.

Backed by the Woodland Trust, it helps companies to reduce their carbon footprint by planting trees.

How does it work?

As a way to mitigate pollution, the idea is that some of this is offset by helping to create specially managed woodlands in the UK.

Harmful greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions mean that our planet is gradually getting hotter. One line of defence is trees which absorb CO2 and help cleanse the air we breathe.

By donating to this initiative, businesses are giving back some of what they take. So for every piece of paper we use, we know that we are doing our bit for the environment.

It also means that our customers have peace of mind too (and all without ever having to pick up a shovel).

We were pleased to recently receive news of our contribution for 2015. Between January and December, Panda Press has created 205.46 m² of woodland and therefore removed 8,219kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

That’s a lot of trees so thank you to all our customers who helped us!

To ask about our carbon balanced paper for your next print project, call us on 01785 815110.