Glowing Recommendations From Our Clients

We’re living in a time where online competition is fierce. It’s only gotten tougher for small, local businesses to stand out in the crowded online marketplace, and the list of things you need to pay attention to seems to be endless. There are already plenty of factors to think about, so we realise that adding Google reviews to that list might not seem much of a priority. 

But Google reviews are actually hugely beneficial for local businesses and can help with everything from your ranking in search to your reputation in the eyes of your customers.

Here is our most recent Google review, rated 5 stars, from our long term client Nick Pilgrim..

“Having known Hannah, Laurence and the team at Panda Press for a number of years, it’s always felt incredibly natural placing orders with them – and I have to frequently remind myself that not ever printers give this service.

In this instance the team printed a series of business cards for my band… Which went down so well, I had to send a panicked email two dates into our tour to say “Agh! People want too many of them! Can we get more? And soon…”

Many companies would have just said ‘nope!’ to this and’d have been stuffed. But ohhhh no, not Panda! They bent over backwards to print another run for us the minute we got back in Staffordshire. The service was incredible.

Panda have never failed to impress me with the way they go about their business – amazing quality at brilliant prices, putting up with the greatest of idiotic requests and taking it all in their stride.

Thank you Panda. You guys are the best.”

Reviews like this mean the absolute world to us and also help us stand out from our competitors, so to every person who has ever taken time to leave a review, a massive thank you is in order!

Type Panda Press into Google and see for yourself!