Woman looking for mailshot campaign

How to create a successful mailshot campaign

From leaflets to flyers and discount offers to brochures, mailshots can come in all shapes and sizes, colours and finishes. What’s more, with a creative team like Panda Press working at your side, the sky is the limit.

Still, long before your campaign ever even reaches the letterbox, you’ll need to answer the following questions:

Who is your target market?

Why should a customer choose you rather than a competitor?

What action should your potential customer take next?

Taking a focused approach and having clear objectives from the outset will help you to create a successful campaign that really hits the mark.


Make it personal

Nothing shows you care about a potential customer than a personalised covering letter.

Make the tone conversational and include direct questions that invite a response:

‘Are you spending too much time…?’

‘Are you wasting money…?’

‘Are you missing out on…?’

So what should be the solution to every single problem you present? Your company, of course. A mailshot serves as a helpful prompt that you’re the right firm for the job.


Call to action

Once you’ve told your potential customer why they can’t possibly do without your business, you need to clearly signpost what they need to do next. Everywhere. As much as possible. Whether you want people to visit your shop, go to your website or claim a discount via a coupon, your message needs to be strong and persistent.

Don’t make your customer work hard to decipher what you’re trying to say.

Give the reader every possible way of contacting you that you can think of. Include your email, website, phone number and social media accounts. Just be prepared to man the phones.


Here’s what NOT to do…

Random leaflet dumping with no clear targeting strategy and audience in mind is a risk and you may not see a great return on your investment.

What’s more, if you don’t have brilliant design skills, a poorly put together mailshot could actually damage your business.

That’s where a professional print and design team can make all the difference. Here at Panda Press, we can take your idea through from concept to final print and provide support with photography, branding, copywriting and distribution.

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